Bill Byrne Artist's Update: July 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010


The Painful Leg Injuries New Album - The Anomaly That Had Gotten The Better Of Me


The latest release from my band, The Painful Leg Injuries is now available! Our new album is The Anomaly That Had Gotten the Better Of Me.

This album blends together many of the techniques I've been exploring with my music over last several years, including Wii-mote controlled instruments, 8 Bit sounds from Gameboys, and Commodore 64's, circuit bend and homemade instruments as well samples of my wife Suzanne's cello playing.

What will make this album stand out from our previous work is that The Anomaly That Had Gotten the Better Of Me is an epic sci-fi journey, each track feeds in to the next creating an intricate soundscape that exists within an appealing series of structured musical compositions. Many of the tracks are like rock anthems, played with toys and noisemakers.  

Click here to download from iTunes
Click here to order the CD from CD Baby

Download MP3 of "Everything Put Here Was With The Best Of Intentions"

Sunday, July 11, 2010


New Interview

Hello folks, I wanted to tell you about new book, Distributed Game Development written by a friend of mine, Tim Fields.  If this is your area of interest, I highly recommend checking out this book.  Tim's a real expert on this.  In addition don't miss the interview with yours truly!  Sorry, I never pass up an opportunity for self promotion.

In other news, my new book which I co-authored with Yael Braha, Creative Motion Graphic Titling is now available for pre-order from Amazon.  This book is a comprehensive treatment of the theory and practice behind title sequences and text animation.


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