Bill Byrne Artist's Update: March 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


MAKE Issue 17, and SXSW Interactive

I know it has been a while, however there's lots of news to share.

First, the latest issue of Make Magazine, Issue 17, has an article written by yours truly on page 161 called "The Stealth Mic". This is basically a tutorial on building your own binaural microphones. Binaural mics, are mics that are placed roughly where a person's ears are are great for capturing sounds that preserve the real-life stereo image. They've been used on albums by Radiohead, Brian Eno and Can.

Next, this weekend I will be doing a brief lecture/performance of my Wii-mote controlled music at SXSW Interactive with the Austin chapter of dorkbot. I go on first a 6pm. It's being held at Brush Square Park on 5th and Neches. If you are available, come by!


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