Bill Byrne Artist's Update: March 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008


My band
the Painful Leg Injuries have released a new free download album called The Rich Man's Godforsaken Driver's Seat. This free album is a collection of my compositions and improvisations made by using the Nintendo Wiimote as a controller for music

To give it a listen click here, or to download it click here.

From the moment I first started reading about the possibility, I've been very excited about the Wiimote as a music controller. When I bought one, and got the software and everything working it was inspiring and I recorded many tracks, and these are the fruits of those sessions. The thirteen tracks in this collection combine compositions with improvisations, the conceptual with the intuitive, and noise with melodies. software, soft synths and samplers, a Pushpin Gameboy Color synth as well as my circuit bent instruments such as my Casio Sk1, Speak and Spell.

Here's video of me performing my Speak and Casio SK1 here. I've been covered by the getlofi and Highly Liquid blogs for this project. Thanks to John from Highly Liquid and getlofi

They are 192 kbps MP3 files, and completely DRM free.
Flying Through The Eye At An Alarming Time features recorded samples of me knocking my TV with my Wiimote, samples that were eventually played by my Wiimote. This Is Playful For Diseases is made up completely of improvisations with my Wiimote controlled Pushpin Gameboy synth, and Wiimote played samples of the LSDJ Gameboy tracker software, an anachronistic take on Nintendo gear. Michael Winslow Has His Revenge (On Clever Dated References) features a digital instrument completely made from samples of the 80's actor/comedian.

Thanks in advance, take care.


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