Bill Byrne Artist's Update: September 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007


New Activities

Hello there again everyone.

A couple quick announcements. First my band/sound art/multimedia project The Painful Leg Injuries will be making our Texas debut on October 20th when we will perform at Make zine's Maker Faire. My wife Suzanne will be joining me with her cello, I will be playing some of my circuit bend and homemade electronic instruments, gameboy, some regular old instruments and of course, a laptop. I will also be projecting animated visual art. We are very excited to be playing this show, Make is one of my favorite magazines.

Also, on November 14th I will be giving a talk at Bloomfield college back in New Jersey. I'll be discussing about my various art and professional projects. It's from 12-1p and open to the public. I'll be posting more details as I have them.

Take care.


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